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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The 1565 Great Siege, the founding of Valletta and their lasting effects : concluding remarksButtigieg, Emanuel
2009Chastity, bachelorhood and masculinity in early modern Europe : the case of the Hospitaller Knights of St. John (c. 1520- c. 1650)Buttigieg, Emanuel
2008Childhood and adolescence in Early Modern Malta (1565-1632)Buttigieg, Emanuel
2004Church bells and street fighting : Birkirkara and Don Joannes Matheo Camilleri (1545-57)Buttigieg, Emanuel
2007’Clash of civilizations’, Crusades, Knights and Ottomans : an analysis of Christian-Muslim interaction in the MediterraneanButtigieg, Emanuel
2018‘‘Colonialism in the Mirror’ : an analysis of representations of colonialism in school history textbooks in Malta before and after Independence (1964)Azzopardi, Simone; Buttigieg, Emanuel
2018Corpi e anime in schiavitu : schiavi musulmani nella Malta dei Cavalieri di San Giovanni (1530-1798)Buttigieg, Emanuel
2018Early modern Valletta : beyond the Renaissance cityButtigieg, Emanuel
2008Encounters with the 'other' : Hospitallers and Maltese before the Great Siege of 1565Buttigieg, Emanuel
2015Everyday life during the Hospitaller period : sources and approachesButtigieg, Emanuel
2010Family life and neighbourliness in Malta (c.1640-c.1760) : some preliminary observations based on evidence from the Magna Curia CastellaniaeButtigieg, Emanuel
2006Growing up in Hospitaller Malta (1530-1798) : an overviewButtigieg, Emanuel
2008Growing up in Hospitaller Malta (1530-1798) : sources and methodologies for the history of childhood and adoloscenceButtigieg, Emanuel
2021A Habsburg thalassocracy : Habsburgs and Hospitallers in the early modern Mediterranean, c.1690-1750Buttigieg, Emanuel
2017The Hospitallers and the Grand Harbour of Malta : culture and conflictButtigieg, Emanuel
2020Inquisitor Galeazzo Marescotti’s instruttioneButtigieg, Emanuel
2018Is-sengha tal-istorja (1) : programs 1-17Gauci, Liam; Buttigieg, Emanuel
2018Is-sengha tal-istorja (2) : programs 1-17Gauci, Liam; Buttigieg, Emanuel
2020The ‘Island of the Knights’ at the fault line to the Islamic World – a view from MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2018The island order state on Malta, and its harbour c.1530−c.1624Abela, Joan; Buttigieg, Emanuel