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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Feasibility of a community of practice for learningCutajar, Maria
2018Impacting networked technologies on teaching practicesCutajar, Maria; Montebello, Matthew
2020The influence of the European Parliament on common foreign and security policy and European Union missions in LibyaCutajar, Maria
2021Networked practice inquiry : a small window on the students’ viewpointCutajar, Maria
2014-04-07Phenomenography for researching aspects of networked learning: beyond the match of underlying values and beliefsCutajar, Maria; Bayne, Sian; Jones, Chris; Laat, Maarten de; Ryberg, Thomas; Sinclair, Claire
2016-05-09Qualitative Differences in Students’ Perceptions of Others in a Networked Learning EnvironmentCutajar, Maria; Laat, Maarten de; Ryberg, Thomas; Bonderup Dohn, Nina
2020-05Students' views of a networked practice inquiry course : energising and challenging higher education teachingCutajar, Maria
2011-07-04Students’ use of networked technologies for living and for learning: a case-study in a postcompulsory Maltese contextCutajar, Maria; Selwyn, Neil; Oliver, Martin; Eynon, Rebecca
2018-05Teachers' experiences using networked technologies for teachingCutajar, Maria
2019Teaching using digital technologies : transmission or participation?Cutajar, Maria
2018-05-19Variation in students’ perceptions of others for learningCutajar, Maria
2012-04-02Variations in students' experience of networked learning in a post-compulsory pre-university contextCutajar, Maria; Zenios, Maria; Hodgson, Vivien; Jones, Chris; Laat, Maarten de; McConnell, David; Ryberg, Thomas; Sloep, Peter