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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The 4.2 ka event and the end of the Maltese “Temple Period”Groucutt, Huw S.; Carleton, W. Christopher; Fenech, Katrin; Gauci, Ritienne; Grima, Reuben; Scerri, Eleanor M. L.; Stewart, Mathew; Vella, Nicholas C.
2017Assessing the role of coastal characteristics in erosional process of rocky shores by boulder quarryingCauson Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne
2016Boulder accumulations related to extreme wave events on the eastern coast of MaltaBiolchi, Sara; Furlani, Stefano; Antonioli, Fabrizio; Baldassini, Niccolo; Causon Deguara, Joanna; Di Stefano, Agata; Evans, Julian; Gambin, Timmy; Gauci, Ritienne; Mastronuzzi, Giuseppe; Monaco, Carmelo; Scicchitano, Giovanni
2014-06Boulder and megaclast deposits on the south-east coast of Malta : signature of storm or tsunami event?Causon Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne
2016Bridging natural and cultural values of sites with outstanding scenery : evidence from Gozo, Maltese IslandsCoratza, Paola; Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John; Soldati, Mauro; Tonelli, Chiara
2015Cartographic analysis of nautical charts : a proposed systematic model based on selected charts of the Maltese IslandsGauci, Ritienne; Caruana Smith, Daniel
2020Cartographic expression of young children's spatial skillsBezzina, Sara Jane; Gauci, Ritienne
2016-10Charting space and timeGauci, Ritienne; Zammit, William
2021The city‐island‐state, wounding cascade, and multi‐level vulnerability explored through the lens of MaltaMain, Geoff; Schembri, John; Speake, Janet; Gauci, Ritienne; Chester, David
2022Coastal flood risks and the business community : stakeholders’ perception in MaltaSpiteri, Daniel; Gauci, Ritienne
2015-04Coastal salt pans : strengthening the new emerging role of Maltese shore platforms for geo-tourism with GIS MappingGauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.; Mizzi, Raphael; Inkpen, Rob
2013Comparative median grain size assessment through three different techniques for sandy beach deposits on the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)Deidun, Alan; Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.; Segina, Ela; Gauci, Adam; Gianni, Fabrizio; Gutierrez, Juan Angel; Sciberras, Arnold; Sciberras, Jeffrey
2022Degradation risk assessment : understanding the impacts of climate change on geoheritageSelmi, Lidia; Canesin, Thais S.; Gauci, Ritienne; Pereira, Paulo; Coratza, Paola
2014-05Down memory lane : geographies of Maltese coastal villages at the turn of the 20th centurySchembri, John A.; Gauci, Ritienne; Farrugia, Charles J.; Callus, Leonard
2020Durham University and its role in Malta's development planning during the 1950s through applied researchSchembri, John A.; Chester, David K.; Gauci, Ritienne; Speake, Janet; Duncan, Angus M.; Causon Deguara, Joanna
2021Erosional landforms and biological structures in tectonically stable areas in the Mediterranean basinVaccher, Valeria; Furlani, Stefano; Biolchi, Sara; Boccali, Chiara; Busetti, Alice; Antonioli, Fabrizio; Vacchi, Matteo; Torricella, Fiorenza; Agate, Mauro; Caldareri, Francesco; Chemello, Renato; Lo Presti, Valeria; Canziani, Fabio; Dean, Silas; Trainito, Egidio; Navone, Augusto; Sabata, Eleonora de; Anzidei, Marco; Causon Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.; Orrù, Paolo; Taviani, Marco; Dal Bo, Elisa; Venturini, Elisa
2023Evaluating possible prehistoric cave art in the central Mediterranean : analyses of pigment traces and identification of taphonomic processes at Għar Ħasan, MaltaGuagnin, Maria; Haburaj, Vincent; Groucutt, Huw S.; Hoelzmann, Philipp; Gauci, Ritienne; Vella, Nicholas C.; Parisi, Cetty; Cassar, Mark; Cassar, Yasmin; Asciak, Gillian; Scerri, Eleanor
2017Evidence of extreme wave events from boulder deposits on the south-east coast of Malta (Central Mediterranean)Causon Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne
2015Evidence of extreme wave events from boulder deposits on the south-east coast of Malta : storm or tsunami?Causon Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne
2015Extreme waves impact on Malta (Mediterranean Sea)Biolchi, Sara; Furlani, Stefano; Antonioli, Fabrizio; Baldassini, Niccolo; Cucchi, Franco; Deguara, J.; Devoto, Stefano; Stefano, Agata Di; Evans, Julian; Gambin, Timmy; Gauci, Ritienne; Mastronuzzi, Giuseppe; Monaco, Carmelo; Scicchitano, Giovanni