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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01Bariatric surgery versus lifestyle modification for decreasing glycated haemoglobin in obese persons living with type 2 diabetes : a reviewSammut, Roberta; Zammit, Roderick; Grech, Joseph
2002Benefatturi tal-knisja tagħnaGrech, Joseph
2020Brief tobacco cessation interventions : practices, opinions, and attitudes of healthcare professionalsGrech, Joseph; Sammut, Roberta; Buontempo, Mariella B.; Vassallo, Pauline; Calleja, Neville
2002Common market organisations within the common agricultural policy with special reference to areas of particular importance to the Maltese IslandsGrech, Joseph
2023Deep reinforcement learning of autonomous control actions to improve bus-service regularityBajada, Josef; Grech, Joseph; Bajada, Therese
2016Electronic public procurement system in construction projects within the local public sector : an analysisGrech, Joseph
1997Għaliex għażlu lill-Madonna ta' PompejGrech, Joseph
2009Iċ-ċimiterju Lhudi fil-KalkaraGrech, Joseph
2011Iċ-ċimiterju navali fil-KalkaraGrech, Joseph
1997Il-kappillani matul dawn il-mitt senaGrech, Joseph
2001Il-kwadri titulari tal-knejjes parrokkjali ta' Malta u GħawdexGrech, Joseph
2008Introduction of nurse practitioners in A&E : knowledge and attitudes of doctors and nursesGrech, Joseph
2009Ir-rabta ta' Ommna Marija Santissima mar-raħal ta' MarsaxlokkGrech, Joseph
2005Is-surmast Gaetano ZammitGrech, Joseph
2014-03-29Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat (Theater Program)Scortino, Sharon; Camilleri, MaryJane; Grech, Joseph; The Helping Hands Group; Rice, Tim; Lloyd Webber, Andrew
1994L-istorja ta' MarsaxlokkGrech, Joseph
2001The Maltese Family CourtGrech, Joseph
2023Molecular logic with ferrocene-rylene conjugates : a comparison of naphthalenediimide, naphthalimide and perylenediimide Pourbaix sensor designsGrech, Joseph; Spiteri, Jake C.; Scerri, Glenn J.; Magri, David C.
2012Motivational attitudes towards participating in physical activity and perceived barriers amongst Junior College studentsGrech, Joseph
2022-11-19The Music of Andrew Lloyd WebberAurora Opera House (Victoria, Malta); Grech, Joseph