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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Albrecht Dürer. La sua arte e la ricerca dell’armoniaSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2011Anton Agius and Gothic socialist realismSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2012Antonio Sciortino and the British Academy of Arts in RomeSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe; Moulden, Sarah
2009Apap, Cremona and St Paul : an essay on the Pauline iconography of Willie Apap and Emvin CremonaSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2017APS Mdina Cathedral contemporary art biennale 2017-18 : the Mediterranean : a sea of conflicting spiritualitiesSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe; Petroni, Nikki
2020The APS Mdina Cathedral contemporary art biennale 2020 : regaining a paradise lost : the role of the artsSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe; Petroni, Nikki
1984Beety (jew Shila)!Schembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2020The beheading of Ignez : Katabasis, Ezra Pound and Three Maltese ArtistsSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2022Cervantes : 400 years of visual silenceSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
1990The common heritage of mankind : the quantum theory of human relationsSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
1988The common heritage of mankind : towards definition and initiativeSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2009Death of art and spirituality in artSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2023Death unto BoredomSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
1988Delitt u kastig ta' Fiodor Mikailovic Dostoevski : studju ta' ribellSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe; Mifsud Chircop, Ġorġ
1989DismaSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
1990Dun Karm b’kostum mhux tiegħuSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2019Dun Karm u Edward Caruana Dingli quddiem l-'Angelus Novus'Schembri Bonaci, Giuseppe; Farrugia, George
2019An essay on Maltese modern and contemporary artSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2012FeetSchembri Bonaci, Giuseppe
2022Frank Portelli (1922-2004) : ‘sic itur ad astra non est ad astra mollis e terris via’Schembri Bonaci, Giuseppe