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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Alignment of the “early” HL sequence in Maltese falling tune wh­-questionsVella, Alexandra
2003Annotating textual and speech data in MalteseGatt, Albert; Vella, Alexandra; Caruana, Joe
2010Asking or not to asking in Maltese, that is the questionVella, Alexandra
2019Assessment of intelligibility in dysarthria : development of a Maltese word and phrase listBalzan, Pasquale; Vella, Alexandra; Tattersall, Catherine
2024Association of tones in MalteseVella, Alexandra; Grice, Martine
2024English in MaltaVella, Alexandra; Grech, Sarah
2017The expression of politeness in a bilingual setting : exploring the case of Maltese EnglishCremona, Martina; Assimakopoulos, Stavros; Vella, Alexandra
2010Integrating annotated spoken Maltese data into corpora of written MalteseVella, Alexandra; Chetcuti, Flavia; Grech, Sarah; Spagnol, Michael
2003Language contact and Maltese intonation : some parallels with other language varietiesVella, Alexandra
2013Language use, perception and attitudes amongst Maltese primary school childrenCaruana, Sandro; Cremona, George; Vella, Alexandra
2013Languages and language varieties in MaltaVella, Alexandra
2016Lengthening as a discourse strategy : phonetic and phonological characteristics in MalteseVella, Alexandra; Chetcuti, Flavia; Agius, Sarah
2009Maltese intonation and focus structureVella, Alexandra
2006MalToBI – building an annotated corpus of Spoken MalteseVella, Alexandra; Farrugia, Paulseph-John
2009On Maltese prosodyVella, Alexandra
2013Overlaps in Maltese : a comparison between map task dialogues and multimodal conversational dataVella, Alexandra; Paggio, Patrizia
2014Overlaps in Maltese conversational and task-oriented dialoguesPaggio, Patrizia; Vella, Alexandra
2021Periodic energy mass on head and edge tones in Maltese wh-constructionsLialiou, Maria; Aviad, Albert; Vella, Alexandra; Grice, Martine
2014Perspectives on Maltese linguisticsBorg, Albert; Caruana, Sandro; Vella, Alexandra
2011The phonetic implementation of falling pitch accents in dialectal Maltese : a preliminary study of the intonation of Gozitan ŻebbuġiVella, Alexandra