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Title: The expression of politeness in a bilingual setting : exploring the case of Maltese English
Authors: Cremona, Martina
Assimakopoulos, Stavros
Vella, Alexandra
Keywords: Bilingualism -- Malta
Politeness (Linguistics)
Apologies -- Malta
Intonation (Phonetics)
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton
Citation: Cremona, M., Assimakopoulos, S., & Vella, A. (2017). The expression of politeness in a bilingual setting : exploring the case of Maltese English. Russian Journal of Linguistics, 21(4), 767-788.
Abstract: Single-moment studies have traditionally been carried out with the aim of investigating the pragmalinguistic and sociopragmatic skills of non-native speakers compared to those of native speakers of a particular language. The present study aims to investigate the parallel skills in expressing politeness of Maltese bilingual speakers rather than differences between native and non-native speakers in this respect. Since the variety of English spoken in Malta has often been characterised as distinct from British English, we used a small-scale spoken discourse completion task to examine the extent to which British English and Maltese affect the expression of politeness in Maltese English, in the context of requests and apologies. To this end, we compared the responses provided by three distinct groups of participants in terms of the use of particular politeness strategies, as well as the frequency and intonation of politeness markers. The re- sults obtained remain largely inconclusive partly due to certain limitations arising from use of the discourse completion task methodology. They nevertheless do provide preliminary evidence, which is, to our mind, worth exploring further, of a close similarity between Maltese English and Maltese in terms of the into- nation that accompanies markers of politeness.
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