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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Pathways and growth points in career counsellingScicluna Calleja, Sandra
2018The pervasive influence of neoliberalism on policy guidance discourses in career/education : delimiting the boundaries of social justice in New ZealandIrving, Barrie A.
2018Precarity, austerity and the social contract in a liquid world : career guidance mediating the citizen and the stateSultana, Ronald G.
2019Promoting change : the ‘expanded notion of work’ as a proactive response to the social justice issues in career development practiceWong, Victor; Yip, Toby C. Y.
2019Reflexivity and social justice : career guidance and counselling in a post-socialist contextMaksimovic, Tijana; Nordentoft, Helle Merete
2019Representing problems, imagining solutions : emancipatory career guidance for the multitudeHooley, Tristram; Sultana, Ronald G.; Thomsen, Rie
2018Rethinking social justice, equality and emancipation : an invitation to attentive career guidanceBengtsson, Anki
2019Schooled in the work ethicRawlinson, Mark; Rooney, Steve
2018Shaping possible futures in Portugal : career guidance in schools between authenticity and social justiceVieira, Maria Manuel; Dionisio, Bruno; Pappamikail, Lia
2019Social justice and continuing professional development : a workshop for career development practitionersMidttun, Kristin; McCash, Phil
2018Social justice and geographical location in career guidanceAlexander, Rosie
2018Social justice in career guidance : a Fraserian approachRice, Suzanne
2018Social media and social justice in the context of career guidance : is education enough?Buchanan, Rachel
2019Towards an emancipatory career guidance : what is to be done?Hooley, Tristram; Sultana, Ronald G.; Thomsen, Rie
2018A twenty-first century challenge : how to lead an active life whilst contributing to sustainable and equitable developmentPouyaud, Jacques; Guichard, Jean
2018A war against the robots? Career guidance, automation and neoliberalismHooley, Tristram
2018Widening opportunities for career guidance - research circles and social justicePoulsen, Bo Klindt; Boelskifte Skovhus, Randi; Thomsen, Rie
2019Women and social justice : does career guidance have a role?Bimrose, Jenny; McMahon, Mary; Watson, Mark