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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11Adolescent beliefs about antisocial behavior : mediators and moderators of links with parental monitoring and attachmentDane, Andrew; Kennedy, Richard; Spring, Mary; Volk, Anthony; Marini, Zopito
2013-11The Beck Initiative : training school-based mental health staff in cognitive therapyCreed, Torrey A.; Jager-Hyman, Shari; Pontoski, Kristin; Feinberg, Betsy; Rosenberg, Zachary; Evans, Arthur; Hurford, Matthew O.; Beck, Aaron T.
2012-11Development and validation of the social emotional competence questionnaire (SECQ)Zhou, Mingming; Ee, Jessie
2014The development of female self-esteem across the lifespan : a qualitative studyRandazzo, Nicole
2006The devil's lure : adolescents' experience in satanic cultsZammit, Andrea Rose (2006)
2012-04Direct and mediated effects of a social-emotional and character development program on adolescent substance useLewis, Kendra M.; Bavarian, Niloofar; Snyder, Frank J.; Acock, Alan; Day, Joseph; DuBois, David L.; Ji, Peter; Schure, Marc B.; Silverthorn, Naida; Vuchinich, Samuel; Flay, Brian R.
2012-04Effects of parent-child affective quality during high school years on subsequent substance useRalston, Ekaterina S.; Trudeau, Linda S.; Spoth, Richard
2021Emotion regulation and student engagement : age and gender differences during adolescenceSantos, Anabela C.; Simoes, Celeste; Cefai, Carmel; Freitas, Eunice; Arriaga, Patricia
2012-04Emotional distress may increase risk for self-medication and lower risk for mood-related drinking consequences in adolescentsFeagans Gould, Laura; Hussong, Andrea M.; Hersh, Matthew A.
2018Il caso delle “scritture gemelle”: studio grafologico sulle identificazioni funzionali degli adolescenti di oggiEsposito, Simona
2023The lived experience of being bullied during middle adolescence in Maltese secondary schools : a retrospective studySaliba, Daniel (2023)
2013-04‘Man you’ve been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.’ : on the celebration of negative affect in adolescenceCooper, Paul; Kakos, Michalis
2007Playing sexual chess : changing through first sexual experiencesSwain, Sean (2007)
2013-11Preventing adolescents’ externalizing and internalizing symptoms : effects of the Penn Resiliency ProgramCutuli, J.J.; Gillham, Jane E.; Chaplin, Tara M.; Reivich, Karen J.; Seligman, Martin E.P.; Gallop, Robert J.; Abenavoli, Rachel M.; Freres, Derek R.
2011PSD teachers' perception of year 6 and form 1 girls' knowledge on menstruationBugeja, Tiziana (2011)
2020Responsible decision making as primary school children move into adolescenceDotsenkoa, Eugeny L.; Startsevaa, Vera A.; Pchelinaa, Olga V.; Karaberovab, Elena V.; Ivantsovab, Natalya
2020-04The role of gender in the relationship between reinforcement sensitivity and aggression among adolescentsŠarić Drnas, Marija
2012-04The role of social and emotional competence on risk behaviors in adolescenceFerreira, Mafalda; Simoes, Celeste; Gaspar Matos, Margarida; Ramiro, Lucia; Alves Diniz, Jose; Social Adventure Team
2014-11Understanding the role of bystanders and peer support in school bullyingCowie, Helen
2015-04Young people's views regarding participation in mental health and wellbeing research through social mediaMonks, Helen; Cardoso, Patricia; Papageorgiou, Alana; Carolan, Catherine; Costello, Leesa; Thomas, Laura