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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-07-01The cytotoxic Activity of Cucurbitacin E and Busulphan on ovarian and stomach cancer cells in vitro : a comparative studyAttard, Everaldo; Scicluna-Spiteri, Anthony; Grixti, Mario; Cuschieri, Alfred
1995Ecballium elaterium L. : a source of cucurbitacin E, a cytotoxic tetracyclic triterpenoidAttard, Everaldo
2021Expression of epithelial to mesenchymal markers in treated cancer cell linesScicluna, Rachel (2021)
2020Expression of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition markers in breast and colorectal cancer cell linesVella, Nathan
2021Expression of the KLF1 interactome in an erythrocytic differentiation modelZammit, Maria (2021)
2019A high throughput imaging database of toxicological effects of nanomaterials tested on HepaRG cellsJoossens, Elisabeth; Macko, Peter; Palosaari, Taina; Gerloff, Kirsten; Ojea-Jimenez, Isaac; Gilliland, Douglas; Novak, Jaroslav; Fortaner Torrent, Salvador; Gineste, Jean-Michel; Romer, Isabella; Briffa, Sophie M.; Valsami-Jones, Eugenia; Lynch, Iseult; Whelan, Maurice
2018Microscopy‑based high‑throughput assays enable multi‑parametric analysis to assess adverse effects of nanomaterials in various cell linesHansjosten, Iris; Rapp, Juliane; Reiner, Luisa; Vatter, Ruben; Fritsch-Decker, Susanne; Peravall, Ravindra; Palosaari, Taina; Joossens, Elisabeth; Gerioff, Kirsten; Macko, Peter; Whelan, Maurice; Gilliland, Douglas; Ojea-Jimenez, Isaac; Monopoli, Marco P.; Rocks, Louise; Garry, David; Dawson, Kenneth; Rottgermann, Peter J. F.; Murschhauser, Alexandra; Radler, Joachim O.; Tang, Selina V. Y.; Gooden, Pete; Belinga-Desaunay, Marie-France A.; Khan, Abdullah O.; Briffa, Sophie M.; Guggenheim, Emily; Papadiamantis, Anastasios; Lynch, Iseult; Valsami-Jones, Eugenia; Diabate, Silvia; Welss, Carsten