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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Analysis of Yellow-legged herring gull pellets from Filfla islandBorg, John; Cachia-Zammit, Richard
2001Bird’s Eye View : issue 19 : 2001BirdLife Malta
1999First breeding record of Little ringed plover Charadrius dubiusGauci, Charles; Sultana, Joe
2020First occurrence of Long-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus scolopaceus (Say, 1823) in the Maltese IslandsColeiro, Charles; Galea, Nicholas
2010First record of the Arctic tern sterna paradisaea and Lesser crested tern Sterna bengalensis in the Maltese IslandsVassallo, Alfred
1981Herring gulls chasing Grey heronsVassallo, Alfred
1977Hybrid Pluvialis apricaria X Pluvialis dominicaBorg, Sammy
1985Migration of the Sandwich tern in East SicilyIapichimo, Carmelo
2020New breeding sites of Yellow-legged Gull around the Maltese IslandsCrymble, James; Austad, Martin; Cachia, Denis; Borg, John J.; Galea, Raymond; Mallia, Manuel
1973The occurrence of Alca torda torda (Lin) in MaltaVella Gaffiero, J.
1983The Pectoral sandpiper - new record to MaltaVassallo, Alfred
1974A plea for saving Audouin's gullWitt, Hans
1995Predation by the Yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans on Storm petrels Hydrobates pelagicus on FilflaBorg, John; Sultana, Joe; Cachia-Zammit, Richard
1977Purple sandpiper Calidris maritima a new species to the list of birds of MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1988A review of the breeding population of the Yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans in the Maltese islandsBorg, John; Cachia-Zammit, Richard
2010A review of the status of the Black Tern Chlidonias niger in Maltese watersSultana, Joe
1971Some notes on the Mediterranean gull Larus melanocephalus and the Black-headed gull Larus ridibundusSultana, Joe
2010An unusually large influx of RuffGalea, Raymond
2010Yellow-legged gull Larus michahellis preying on Maltese wall lizards Podarcis filfolensis filfolensis on Filfla islandBorg, John J.; Sultana, Joe