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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analysis of UK's nightclub industry and creativity withinPoschwald, Matt (2008)
2015The application of creativity theory to literary texts : an exploration of the use of lateral thinking techniques in selected textsGrima, Rachel (2015)
2014Architecture for the creative mindMifsud, Lyanne (2014)
2023Are STEM students creative thinkers?Borg Preca, Christabel; Baldacchino, Leonie; Briguglio, Marie; Mangion, Margaret
2009Assessing the correlation of creativity and foresight : a grounded theory-related approachSchwarzer, Martin (2009)
2009A comparison of the creative processes of psychodrama and design : through thinking, feeling and actionRobertson, Stella (2009)
2006The creative leader : an asset or a hindrance for organisational creativity and innovation?Darmanin, Emanuel (2006)
2007Creative processes in policy making : a case for context in foresightCassingena Harper, Jennifer; Pace, Gordon J.
2006Creative thinking : an untapped resource in voluntary youth organisationsDebono, Natalie (2006)
2007Creative thinking for social interventions : if social workers are taught Dr. de Bono's six thinking hats technique will they be more creative in the social work interviewing process?Swaine Nwoko, Natalie (2007)
2013Creative thinking techniques : factors that impinge the usability among Indian professionalsShruthi, Thomas (2013)
2008Creativity and innovation in a non governmental organisation in Malta : a case studyFarrugia, Tania (2008)
2007Creativity and its practical use in everyday situations : implementing creativity in the everydayGruszczynski, Michael (2007)
2008Creativity in special events : a case study on European public service broadcastersZuazo, Miren Arruza (2008)
1998Creativity vs. serendipity : thinking skills in the sciencesMifsud, Janet
2011Creativity, literacy and handednessFarrugia, Simonette
2021-12Critical thinking across disciplinesAquilina, Mario
2018Critical thinking through a reflexive platformMontebello, Matthew; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2014Dyslexia, spatial awareness and creativity in adolescent boysMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
2021-12Edward De Bono : a tributeDingli, Sandra