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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Areas of refuge for ships in need of assistance : an institutional framework enhancing maritime safety and protection of the European and global marine environmentSamiotis, Giorgos; Tselentis, Vassilios-Stilianos
2015Contribution of carbon emissions to the environmental impact of plug-in electric vehicles in MaltaTanti, Gerald
2017-04ENGO impacts on Climate Change Policy in European MaltaBriguglio, Michael
2021European environment policy for the circular economy : implications for business and industry stakeholdersCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2005Green growth : integrating the environment into development programmesBriguglio, Marie; Cordina, Gordon; Falzon, Krista K.; Gauci, Suzanne; Golovkin, Sergei
2006Handbook on SEA for Cohesion Policy 2007-2013Lamers, Gottfried; Platzer-Schneider, Ursula; Prettennthaler, Franz; Mollov, Belin; Stoyanov, Yavor; Peev, Plamen; Svobodova, Jana; Manti, Elio; Bernardi, Fiamma; Grassi, Katiuscia; Patrizia, Giacomin; Briguglio, Marie; Falzon, Krista; Golovkin, Sergei; Droop, Robert; Manteiga, Lola; Sunyer, Carlos; Sibley, Donna; Susani, Lucia; Shipman, Brian; Therivel, Riki; Sing, Sarah; Greening Regional Development Programmes Network
2015Investigating degradation of solar photovoltaic panels and use of greenhouses’ roofs for supplemental power generationBartolo, Kristy
2013Malta's legal challenges in implementing the EU effort sharing decision on greenhouse gas reductionChircop, Christopher
2014The Offshore Protocol to the Barcelona Convention : the regulation and challenges to its implementationCamilleri, Edward Mario
2019-01Preliminary results from MSFD-prescribed national monitoring within Maltese waters for descriptor 2 (NIS)Malta. Environment and Resources Authority; Deidun, Alan; Schembri, Yasmin; Dunlop, Sacha; Martin, Anton R.; Gonzalo Jimenez, R.; Borja, Angel; Franco, J.; Garmendja, J.M.; Larreta, J.; Menchaca, I.; Sagarminaga, Y.; Uriarte, A.; Valencia, V.; Ramos Esplá, Alfonso A.
2010The prevention and remedying of environmental damage regulations : a critical appraisalPiscopo, Robert Anthony
2014The production and use of bio-fuel for Malta : a feasibility studySciberras, Charmaine
2018The role of non-state actors in decision making over the re-registration of the pesticide Glyphosate in the EU. A David vs. Goliath battle?Dorany, Shoshanna