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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018ADRIFT : autonomous navigationSammut, Jordan
2016Application of fuzzy AHP in selection of accounting elective courses in undergraduate and graduate levelOnay, Ahmet; Karamasa, Caglar; Sarac, Bilal
2012Autonomous flight control for an RC helicopterCamilleri, Michael; Scerri, Kenneth; Zammit, Saviour
2011An autonomous flight control system for a model helicopterCamilleri, Michael 2011
2008An autonomous robot navigation systemGafa', Carmel (2008)
2018Classification of driving traits using fuzzy-logic controlSeychell, Dylan; Farrugia, Steven
2016The comparative analysis of financial risk level of airlines companies by using fuzzy logic methodTunahan, Hakan; Esen, Sinan; Takil, Davut
2002Distributed fuzzy search and indexing system for file systemsBonello, Joseph (2002)
2012FPGA-based autonomous parking of a car-like robot using Fuzzy Logic ControlScicluna, Neil; Gatt, Edward; Casha, Owen; Grech, Ivan; Micallef, Joseph
2012FPGA-based autonomous parking of a car-like robot using fuzzy logic controlScicluna, Neil (2012)
2019Fuzzy gravity approach for determinants of exportsDeğirmenci, N.; Yakıcı Ayan, T.
2014The insider threat : data breach within an organisationGatt, Rebecca Martina (2014)
2021A novel fuzzy mixed H2/H∞ optimal controller for hyperchaotic financial systemsBekiros, Stelios; Jahanshahi, Hadi; Bezzina, Frank; Aly, Ayman A.
2021Path following robotChetcuti, Dale (2021)
2017Timed contract compliance under event timing uncertaintyCambronero, Maria-Emilia; Llana, Luis; Pace, Gordon J.