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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Abnormal haemoglobins and thalassaemia in MaltaFelice, Alex; Grech, J. L.
1985(Aγδβ)ο-Thalassaemia in Blacks is due to a deletion of 34 kbp of DNAHenthorn, P. S.; Smithies, O.; Nakatsuji, T.; Felice, Alex; Gardiner, M. B.; Reese, A. L.; Huisman, T. H. J.
2020Cellular reactivation of foetal haemoglobin transcription by the use of CRISPR/Cas9Kuduzovic, Halida
1984Deletions and duplications of α or ζ globin genes in children with sickle cell anemiaFelice, Alex; McKie, Virgil C.; McKie, Kathleen M.; Huisman, T. H. J.
1986Dense cell formation in pediatric and adolescent patients with sickle cell diseaseAbraham, E. C.; Bergherm, B.; Felice, Alex; McKie, Virgil C.; Abraham, A.; McKie, Kathleen M.
n.d.Developmental hematology of homozygous HB C diseaseMcKie, Virgil C.; McKie, Kathleen M.; Kutlar, A.; Felice, Alex
1985Developmental hematology of SS and SC disease in association with α-thalassemia-2Felice, Alex; Marino, E. M.; McKie, Kathleen M.; McKie, Virgil C.
2019Diagnosis of beta thalassaemia traitBorg, Joseph J.; Grech, Laura
1984The effect of deletions and reduplications on the expression of human α and ζ globin genesFelice, Alex; McKie, Kathleen M.; McKie, Virgil C.; Huisman, T. H. J.
2012The effect of modifier genes on foetal haemoglobin in the Maltese population.Scerri, Gary
2019The effects of vincristine and etoposide on differential haemoglobin synthesisDomenici, Jonathan
2009An electronic infrastructure for research and treatment of the thalassemias and other hemoglobinopathies : the Euro-Mediterranean ITHANET projectLederer, Carsten W.; Basak, Ayse Nazli; Aydinok, Yesim; Christou, Soteroula; El-Beshlawy, Amal; Eleftheriou, Androulla; Fattoum, Slaheddine; Felice, Alex; Fibach, Eitan; Galanello, Renzo; Gambari, Roberto; Gavrila, Lucian; Giordano, Piero C.; Grosveld, Frank G.; Hassapopoulou, Helen; Hladka, Eva; Kanavakis, Emmanuel; Locatelli, Franco; Old, John; Patrinos, George P.; Romeo, Giovanni; Taher, Ali; Traeger-Synodinos, Joanne; Vassiliou, Panayiotis; Villegas, Ana; Voskaridou, Ersi; Wajcman, Henri; Zafeiropoulos, Anastasios; Kleanthous, Marina
1987Erythropoiesis inhibitory factor(s) in polycythemia veraLewis, J. P.; Faguet, G. B.; Tsai, J. F. L.; Felice, Alex
2014-10Factors influencing haemoglobin levels in chronic medicine usersJoslin, Rebecca; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; Azzopardi, Lilian M.
1987Globin gene organisation and expressionZhao, J.; Chui, D. H. K.; Felice, Alex
1989Hb Evans or α262 (E11) Val→ Metβ2 ; an unstable hemoglobin causing a mild hemolytic anemiaWilson, Jerry B.; Webber, Brooke B.; Kutlar, Abdullah; Reese, A. L.; McKie, Virgil C.; Lutcher, Charles Lawrence; Felice, Alex; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1981Hb G-Philadelphia in asociation with Hb S and α-Thalassemia-2Felice, Alex; Ozdonmez, R.; Headlee, M. E.; Huisman, T. H. J.
1978Hb P Nilotic – β0 thalassemia : mutation of a human hemoglobin regulatory gene?Felice, Alex; Abu-sin, Ahmed; Huisman, T. H. J.
1984Hb synthesis of human leukemia derived cell linesFelice, Alex; Marino, E. M.; Kraus, J.; McKie, Virgil C.
1989Hb Valletta [α2β287(F3)Thr→Pro] and Hb F-Malta-I [α2Gγ2117 (619)His→Arg] are in linkage in the Maltese population.Felice, Alex; Grech, J. L.; Bannister, W. H.; Kutlar, F.; Kutlar, A.; Wilson, J. B.; Webber, B. B.; Hu, H.; Huisman, T. H. J.