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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An autonomous cognitive personal mobile phone for radio access cost optimizationMuscat, Adrian; Zammit, Saviour; Attard, Therese
2020Choosing among alternative new product development projects : the role of heuristicsWest, Douglas C.; Acar, Oguz A.; Caruana, Albert
2016Construction of insertion/deletion error correcting codes using heuristic algorithmsFenech, Fabian
2012Design of synchronisation and error-correcting codesGauci, Sherrylene (2012)
2012Fuzzy logic and behavioral finance : an approach using fuzzy c-means algorithmAparecido Aguiar, Renato
2012Generation of referring expressions : assessing the incremental algorithmDeemter, Kees van; Gatt, Albert; Sluis, Ielka van der; Power, Richard
2015Generic heurorithm of innovation management from generating ideas to commercializationBashmakov, A. I.; Popov, V. V.; Zhedyaevskii, D. N.; Chikichev, D. N.; Voyakin, E. A.
2017Hardware implementation of efficient path reconstruction for the Smith-Waterman algorithmBuhagiar, Karl; Casha, Owen; Grech, Ivan; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2021Heuristic approaches for solving the dial-a-ride problem with time windowsAzzopardi, Mikhail (2021)
2021Particle swarm optimization for the vehicle routing problem with time windowsAttard, André (2021)
2006Pogman : a power grid management and visualisation systemHedley, Adrian (2006)
2003A risk driven state merging algorithm for learning DFAsSpina, Sandro
2005Search diversification and backtracking strategies for DFA learningPace, Stephen (2005)
2012Tabu search heuristic for the vehicle routing problemCassar, Peter (2012)
2016Telemetry-based optimisation for user training in racing simulatorsBuhagiar, Francois
2021Using evolutionary algorithms for DFA learningGrech, Francesco (2021)
2021Using genetic programming to evolve heuristics for DFA learningFarrugia, Jesmar (2021)
2018The vehicle routing problem : a hybrid approach using meta-heuristic and exact algorithmsSaid, Yanica (2018)