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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Adaptations of life and art : intertextuality in Tom Stoppard's playsCalleja, Dorianne (2003)
2017B,C,DCallus, Ivan; Corby, James
2021Beowulfian resonance in Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’Cilia, Matthew (2021)
2020CounterText : on its own termsCorby, James; Callus, Ivan
2015The CounterText interview : Tom McCarthyMcCarthy, Tom; Corby, James; Callus, Ivan
2015-04Editorial : countertextuality and the politicalCorby, James; Callus, Ivan
2017Editorial : the poeticCallus, Ivan; Corby, James
2015Editorial : toward countertextualityCallus, Ivan; Corby, James
2017Editorial [CounterText, 3(1)]Callus, Ivan; Corby, James
2017Editorial [CounterText, 3(3)]Callus, Ivan; Corby, James
2011Elementi ta' intertestwalita fil poezija ta' Maria Grech GanadoFormosa, Romilda Ann
2018-02Elsewhere, yet nowhere : John Burnside’s autofictions and strategies of (dis)placementMenn, Ricarda
2019Filling in the gaps : giving secondary female characters a feminist voiceCaruana, Mireille Charmaine
2013Il-varjeta ta' vucijiet fil-lirika ta' Simone GaleaVella, Maria
2001The influence of hypertextuality on literatureCalleja, Gordon (2001)
2013Kummiedja ghall-familja kollha ta' Alex Vella GeraCassar, Jean Pierre
2010The mythical countertextual : from Derrida to BadiouCorby, James
2015Now : a Post-Romantic countertextuality of the contemporaryCorby, James
2013Una lettura di Pinocchio attraverso le opere minori di CollodiMicallef, Jessica
2012Una lettura di « La scapigliatura e il 6 febbrajo » di Cletto ArrighiDrago, Michelle Marie