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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Automatic document clustering using topic analysisMuscat, Robert (2005)
2010Automatic summarisation of legal documentsVella, Gilbert (2010)
2014Clustering search engine results using LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis)Mercieca, Daniel (2014)
2000Controlling web-based informationMontebello, Matthew
2012Cross document coreference resolution and disambiguation for named entities in user web history documentsZammit, Matthew Joseph (2012)
1998An evolvable personal advisor to optimise internet search technologiesMontebello, Matthew; Gray, William Alex; Hurley, Steve
2016Extended no-K-Means for search results clusteringAzzopardi, Joel; Staff, Chris; Layfield, Colin
1998Extracting maximum benefits from web-based searchingMontebello, Matthew
2010Fast PageRank approximation using CUDARitchie, Shawn (2010)
2002HIR, HyperContext information indexing and retrieval model : a new model for information retrieval based on interpretations of informationMifsud, Melissa Anne (2002)
1998Information overload - an IR problem?Montebello, Matthew
2014Information support and interactive planning in the digital factory : approach and industry-driven evaluationConstantinescu, Carmen L.; Francalanza, Emmanuel; Matarazzo, D.; Balkan, O.
2013Legal aspects of the Semantic WebButtigieg, Maria Lisa
1999Metasearch + machine learning = WWW - information overloadMontebello, Matthew
1998Metasearch and machine learning to optimise WWW searchingMontebello, Matthew
2017Multi-lingual LSA with Serbian and Croatian : an investigative case studyLayfield, Colin; Ivanović, Dragan; Azzopardi, Joel
2018Navigating through a clustered search-spacePace, Brian
1998Optimizing knowledge discovery over the WWWMontebello, Matthew
1998A personal evolvable advisor for WWW knowledge-based systemsMontebello, Matthew; Gray, William Alex; Hurley, Steve
2008Personalized search engineGrech, Doris (2008)