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Title: Controlling web-based information
Authors: Montebello, Matthew
Keywords: Search engines
Information retrieval
XML (Document markup language)
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: WISE
Citation: Montebello, M. (2000). Controlling web-based information. First International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2000), Hong Kong.
Abstract: The World-Wide Web is one of the richest information resources available, but due to its ever increasing exponential size, efficient and effective discovery of resource and knowledge has become an imminent research issue. This rapid growth in data volume, user base, and data diversity render Internet-accessible information increasingly difficult to be used effectively. Therefore, search for specific information on this massive and exploding Internet information resource base becomes highly critical. In this paper we dis- cuss the issues involved in the application of machine learn- ing techniques and wrappers to the problem of Internet-based information overload. We present our experiences when applying these techniques in a number of systems we developed to demonstrate how it is possible to control web- based information and optimise the human-web interaction.
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