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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptive rounding operator for efficient Wyner-Ziv video codingMicallef, Jeffrey J.; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2013An adaptive texture-depth rate allocation estimation technique for low latency multi-view video plus depth transmissionCordina, Mario; Debono, Carl James
2010Balancing the utilization of mobile sensor nodes through genetic-based clusteringDebono, Carl James; Cauchi, Patrick
2018Brain controlJones, Becky Catrin; Camilleri, Tracey
2011A comparison of the performance of prediction techniques in curtailing uplink transmission and energy requirements in mobile free-viewpoint video applicationsDe Raffaele, Clifford; Debono, Carl James
2019Design and development of a reduced form-factor high accuracy three-axis teslameterCassar, Johann; Sammut, Andrew; Sammut, Nicholas; Calvi, Marco; Dimitrijevic, Sasa; Popovic, Radivoje S.
2004Design of a point-to-point radio link receiver using software-radioChetcuti, Keith; Debono, Carl James; Lagomarsino, V.
2007Enhancing the error detection capabilities of DCT based codecs using compressed domain dissimilarity metricsFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2016Fast high definition video rendering on mobile devicesBorg, Matthew; Debono, Carl James
2015Filter-based approach for ornamentation detection and recognition in singing folk musicAzzopardi, George; Neocleous, Andreas; Schizas, Christos N.; Petkov, Nicolai
2008Flux position estimation using current derivatives for the sensorless control of AC machinesBorg Bartolo, James; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Caruana, Cedric
2009From data to text in the neonatal intensive care unit : using NLG technology for decision support and information managementGatt, Albert; Portet, Francois; Reiter, Ehud; Hunter, Jim; Mahamood, Saad; Moncur, Wendy; Sripada, Somayajulu
2006The implementation of a high speed adaptive FIR filter on a field programmable gate arrayVella, Marc; Debono, Carl James
2014Implementation of fast free-viewpoint video rendering on graphics processing unitsAttard, Nicholas; Debono, Carl James
2011Improved rate-adaptive codes for distributed video codingMicallef, Jeffrey J.; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2015Investigating bird sound recognition for scientific surveying and citizen science on a smart phoneGalea, Nicholas
2008Line tracking algorithm for scribbled drawingsBartolo, Alexandra; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Fabri, Simon G.; Borg, Jonathan C.
2010Mobile terminal location estimation using support vector machinesXuereb, David; Debono, Carl James
2011Neural network architectures for speaker independent phoneme recognitionCutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph
2012A novel view-level target bit rate distribution estimation technique for real-time multi-view video plus depthCordina, Mario; Debono, Carl James