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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983An 8085A cross-assembler using MACRO-11Rizzo, Martin (1983)
2013Adaptive rounding operator for efficient Wyner-Ziv video codingMicallef, Jeffrey J.; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2013An adaptive texture-depth rate allocation estimation technique for low latency multi-view video plus depth transmissionCordina, Mario; Debono, Carl James
2023Audio source separationCalafato, Matthew (2023)
2006Automatic scene analysis and reconstruction from videoAzzopardi, Alexia (2006)
2010Balancing the utilization of mobile sensor nodes through genetic-based clusteringDebono, Carl James; Cauchi, Patrick
2023Biosensors for monitoring of vital functional parameters during medical emergencyZammit, David; Baylon, Vincenzo
2018Brain controlJones, Becky Catrin; Camilleri, Tracey A.
2011A comparison of the performance of prediction techniques in curtailing uplink transmission and energy requirements in mobile free-viewpoint video applicationsDe Raffaele, Clifford; Debono, Carl James
1989Design and construction of a signal generation and signal processing analog training systemRizzo, Alex (1989)
2019Design and development of a reduced form-factor high accuracy three-axis teslameterCassar, Johann; Sammut, Andrew; Sammut, Nicholas; Calvi, Marco; Dimitrijevic, Sasa; Popovic, Radivoje S.
2012Design and implementation of a computer system for unmanned vehiclesZammit, Paul (2012)
2004Design of a point-to-point radio link receiver using software-radioChetcuti, Keith; Debono, Carl James; Lagomarsino, V.
2020Detecting movement thoughts from electrodes in the brainMiceli Farrugia, Ella
2021Development of an intent interpretation system for a minimal anthropomorphic prosthetic handCauchi, Rachel (2021)
2006EEG feature extraction and selection methods using wavelets and ARMA model for classifying mild epileptic signal patternsSakkalis, V.; Zervakis, M.; Bigan, C.; Camilleri, Tracey A.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Fabri, Simon G.; Micheloyannis, S.
2007Enhancing the error detection capabilities of DCT based codecs using compressed domain dissimilarity metricsFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2022EOG-based gaze angle estimation with varying head poseBarbara, Nathaniel (2022)
2014Experience surveillance suite for Unity 3DGiordimaina, Andreas (2014)
1983Fast fourier transform method for the design and analysis of F.I.R. digital filters.Debattista, Raymond (1983)