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  • Paris, Timothy; Padovani, Luisa; Pavia, Jessica (MMSA, 2016)
    A 31 year old lady was brought to casualty by a friend, unconscious and incontinent of urine and faeces. She was responsive to verbal stimuli with a Glasgow Come Scale (GCS) of 10 and noted to have a fever of 39.6oC. She ...
  • Cassar, David; Cauchi, Suzanne (MMSA, 2016)
    Case report on a 53yr old gentleman who initially presented to his family doctor with mouth ulcers, hoarseness and odynophagia. He was given various treatments including antibiotics, anti-virals, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ...
  • Grech, Neil; Degiorgio, Sophie (MMSA, 2016)
    Case report regarding a 23 year old gentleman, presented with difficulty climbing stairs, changes in posture and toe walking. Significant calf hypertrophy was seen on examination. A muscular dystrophy was the probable ...
  • Duca, Kristina (MMSA, 2016)
    Almost anyone with a limb amputation experiences phantom sensations. Moreover, the majority of amputees experience pain. This phenomenon is known as ‘Phantom pain’ and is described as the pain felt from a body part, usually ...
  • Scicluna, Chiara (MMSA, 2016)
    Although some debate exists with regards to the subject, elements which are classified under ‘heavy metals’ have come to be those which pose a threat to humans in terms of toxicity. Intoxication with heavy metals is not ...
  • Farrugia, Georgiana; Hohmann, Martina; Khanum, Shafia (MMSA, 2016)
    A 65-year-old male was referred to casualty by his family physician, following the complaint of a painful swelling in his left testicle, that was accompanied by a burning sensation on passing urine. Throughout the course ...

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