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Title: Fournier’s Gangrene : case report
Authors: Farrugia, Georgiana
Hohmann, Martina
Khanum, Shafia
Keywords: Fournier Gangrene -- Case Studies
Generative organs, Male -- Diseases -- Case studies
Rare diseases -- Case studies
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: MMSA
Citation: Minima Medicamenta. 2016, (5), p. 9-12
Abstract: A 65-year-old male was referred to casualty by his family physician, following the complaint of a painful swelling in his left testicle, that was accompanied by a burning sensation on passing urine. Throughout the course of his admission at the local state hospital, a number of investigations were carried out. An ultrasound scan of both testicles, as well as a computed tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis, delineated extensive thickening of the scrotal skin, as well as subcutaneous gas formation surrounding both testicles with extension to the penis and the right inguinal region. The patient was diagnosed with Fournier’s gangrene, which is likely to be a complication of his uncontrolled Type II diabetes mellitus. This condition is classified as a rare and potentially life-threatening disease. Following the diagnosis, the patient received a right orchidectomy, circumcision, as well as subsequent rounds of scrotal debridement and wound cleaning. Pharmacological therapy was provided to relieve his symptoms
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