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Title: Cinescena 14 : Programmes 1 - 17
Other Titles: Prog 1 : Somewhere / Il Refugio / The Town
Prog 2 : Twenty Cigarettes / Benvenuti al sud
Prog 3 : About Elly / L’Avventura
Prog 4 : The Social Network/Wall Street Money Never Sleeps
Prog 5 : Buried / Devil
Prog 6 : Black Swan / The Red Shoes
Prog 7 : Never Let Me Go / Winter’s Bone
Prog 8 : You will meet a tall dark stranger / True Grit
Prog 9 : 127 Hours / Buried
Prog 10 : Hereafter
Prog 11 : Commedia all’Italiana - Il divorzio all’italiana
Prog 12 : Films b’komponiment religjuz
Prog 13 : Films b’element sopranaturali – Picnic at Hanging Rock
Prog 14 : Western – The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward R. Ford
Prog 15 : Teknologija: Avatar; Disaster Movies: The Road; Book Adaptation: Il Gattopardo
Prog 16 : Biopic – Pian, solo; Misanabim: Talk to her; Heritage films: Mansfiield Park; Sci-fi films: Blade Runner
Prog 17 : Roundup of series
Authors: Buhagiar, Celaine
Lauri Lucente, Gloria
Keywords: cinema
film analysis
film genres
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Lauri Lucente, G. (Writer), & Buhagiar, C. (Presenter). (2011). Cinescena 14 [Radio series]. Malta: Campus FM
Abstract: An in depth study of the plot, script and techniques used in these films.
Description: An in depth study of the plot, script and techniques used in these films.
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