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Title: Composition portfolio
Authors: Mifsud, Maria
Keywords: Composition (Music)
Piano music
Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices)
Rhapsodies (Music)
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This portfolio of compositions consists of four works. The first composition is a ten minute solo piano piece entitled Oriental Rhapsody. The focus of this piece was to project an oriental atmosphere as suggested by the title. Modal techniques such as the use of the Phrygian dominant scale, are evident in this composition, thus portraying music which is reminiscent of Eastern cultures. Indeed, in this solo work, various pianistic techniques are explored. Then, the piano piece is followed by a chamber work for string quartet entitled Tifkira. In this piece the title Tifkira is represented musically in the opening bars on the viola. This theme is heard throughout the composition, assuming different guises. The use of modality and atonality are prevalent in this work. In addition, several string techniques can be observed. Towards the end, the main theme reappears in its original form. The third work of the portfolio consists of an unaccompanied SATB choral work Salve Regina. The music highlights the nuances of the words which is done through the use of word painting. This choral composition is a combination of consonant and dissonant passages. The alternation of polyphony and homophony is evident. The final work is an orchestral piece entitled Mediterranean Fantasia. The inspiration for this work is the amalgamation of Western harmonies with rhythmic Eastern sounds. Elementary motives are transformed into new material thus creating a work which is unified. The orchestration used, highlights the different orchestral timbres coupled with idiomatic orchestral writing. Each chapter is divided into three subsections namely the Stimulus, Analysis and Score. In the chapter entitled 'Stimulus', the inspiration for the piece and general aspects about the composition are explored. In the 'Analysis' chapter important analytical details regarding the compositions are dealt with. In fact, these details have been conceived during the actual composition process. Then, the actual score for each composition is given in the 'Score' chapter. All four compositions have common stylistic features mainly the use of modes and a moderately modernistic style.
Description: B.A.(HONS)MUSIC
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