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The School of Performing Arts was established in July 2012 to bring together the disciplines of Dance Studies, Music Studies and Theatre Studies, and to provide a sound base for the development of new programmes of study together with more specialised fields of research. We highlight the performance dimension of the respective disciplines, integrating the interplay between the technical and artistic aspects of performance and the ability to reflect critically on performance within an array of theoretical contexts in contemporary and historical practice. The School of Performing Arts guides students to develop the skills, knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines, pertinent to Malta’s needs in the 21st century. This means that our programmes consider the integration of theoretical approaches with artistic practices, focusing on the education of concepts, frameworks and principles that support creative processes. Initially, students are expected to master the orthodoxies of their discipline (Dance, Music or Theatre) and engage in collaborative approaches where appropriate, but at the same time challenge, through experimentation and risk taking, established systems and conventions of performance. As they progress through their Bachelors’ or Masters’ programmes students are encouraged to further explore notions of interdisciplinarity. Essentially, graduates well-grounded in theory and practice can make informed choices about their personal areas of specialism. There is a whole range of professional opportunities existing today, locally and internationally, and it is crucial that students can graduate and work creatively in performance, education, community, research and cultural management. We believe that growth in cultural development will further enhance the School’s impact on a variety of socio-cultural spheres.