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Title: Performance audit : agreements between government and Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja on Jeanne Antide and Fejda Homes
Authors: National Audit Office
Keywords: National Audit Office (Malta) -- Reports
Foster home care -- Malta
Public-private cooperation -- Malta
Issue Date: 2016-02
Publisher: NAO
Citation: National Audit Office. Performance Audit : Agreements between Government and Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja on Jeanne Antide and Fejda Homes. Malta : NAO, 2016
Abstract: The Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity (MFSS), on the basis of various operational concerns and upon the endorsement by the Minister for Finance dated 5 of March 2015, requested an audit by the National Audit Office (NAO) with respect to four Non- Governmental Organisations (NGOs), including Jeanne Antide Home. These NGOs generate revenue through public funds in connection with a number of Agreements. This review was carried out in terms of Article 9 of the Auditor General and National Audit Office Act, 1997. Unless otherwise indicated, findings and conclusions reflect the situation up to end 2014 based on information available as at end 2015. Due to the significant amount of shared resources as well as responsibilities, for the purpose of this audit the NAO extended the scope of this review to encompass both Jeanne Antide and Fejda Homes. These Homes are established within the same premises at Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja (CVB), and are administered through a Deed signed in 2001 with the former Ministry for Social Policy and currently administered by MFSS.
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