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The Department of Communication Therapy (CT) goes back to 1991 when it launched the first local degree programme of education and training in communication therapy (speech and language pathology). The Department of CT aims to achieve excellence and develop international standing in the education and training of caring, accountable and autonomous speech-language pathologists (SLPs). This relatively small department is very active both in research and provision of courses. It currently offers the following: full-time degree programme in Communication Therapy on a regular basis, which is geared towards the preparation of generic speech-language pathologists. This course offers the initial education of these practitioners: doctoral programme leading to the award of M.Phil./Ph.D., refresher and updating courses for qualified practitioners, as part of a professional development programme, servicing to other local and European Faculties/Institutes through the provision of theoretical courses as well as supervision and examination of research projects, the sharing of knowledge and skills with local and foreign service providers. Departmental Staff - The Department of Communication Therapy includes four full-time members of staff and five visiting staff all of whom are qualified Speech Language Pathologists and most of whom hold doctoral degrees. Ongoing Research - The Department is very active in research and is involved in several ongoing projects. Most of the research within the Department is focused on the development and standardisation of novel diagnostic assessment batteries to identify local children with speech, verbal/written language and auditory processing difficulties. One interesting small scale project is related to gelotophobia and stuttering; another study is related to lexical skills in monolingual and bilingual young children. The Department is also involved in a tuning project related to the quality of educational programmes for speech language therapy in Europe as well as a Cost Action regarding language impairment in children who grow up in multilingual settings. Staff/Student Mobility - The Department of CT has been involved in staff and student exchange since its infancy. Over the years it has signed several bilateral agreements with European teaching establishments so that both incoming and outgoing mobility visits are implemented on a regular basis. The Department is also a member of the European Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Consortium. Through the Consortium the Department strengthened its ties with European and International colleagues. One of the main activities of the Consortium is the annual Intensive Programme (IP). The IP has been offered since 1993, under the European Erasmus Programme. This is a discipline related project, geared for SLP students and complements the regular course programme of the participating departments. Students and staff work together for 10 consecutive days on specialised topics within the SLP field.


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