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Title: Applications of multimedia in diverse fields : an overview
Other Titles: Intelligent multimedia technologies for financial risk management : trends, tools and applications
Authors: Kaswan, Kuldeep Singh
Lal, Sandeep
Dhatterwal, Jagjit Singh
Sood, Kiran
Grima, Simon
Keywords: Finance -- Data processing
Finance -- Technological innovation
Banks and banking -- Technological innovations
Financial services industry -- Technological innovations
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Citation: Kaswan, K. S., Lal, S., Dhatterwal, J. S., Sood, K., & Grima, S. (2023). Applications of multimedia in diverse fields : an overview. In S. Grima, K. Sood, B. Rawal, B. Balusamy, E. Özen, & G. G. G. Goh (Eds.), Intelligent multimedia technologies for financial risk management: trends, tools and applications (pp. 1-27). United Kingdom: Institution of Engineering and Technology.
Abstract: In this chapter, we discuss the preliminary concepts of multimedia and how this evolution of the Internet of Things (IoTs) has drastically driven a change in demand and needs. In a world where everything is connected, performance is reaching new heights; science fiction is becoming science fact. Self-driving cars and computers that can learn and think, a reality of today, were thought of as fiction not so long ago. The way we work and live today will never be the same. The skills we need are dramatically different. The exponential growth of multimedia technologies and applications has presented the computerised society with opportunities and challenges that, in many cases, are unprecedented. It is becoming more and more popular because of the effectiveness of its applications in all aspects of human life. The world is undergoing major upheaval, reorganisation, and a shift toward a disruptive new framework. This transformation is exponential. Everything that used to be dumb and disconnected is now wired or wireless, and smart – cars, cities, homes, ports, farms, even bodies. These amplify each other to create a perfect storm of change and disruption. Like everything else, we will need to wait and see; time will tell. This chapter will focus on the general applications of multimedia in various fields, such as art and science, the financial sector, education, healthcare, engineering, business, and scientific research.
ISBN: 9781839536618
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