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Title: Professionalism, humanism and medical ethics education for family physicians ... from Iraq to Haiti
Authors: Karaoglu, Nazan
Carelli, Francesco
Keywords: Medical ethics
Primary health care
Health services accessibility
Public health
Physicians (General practice)
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Karaoglu, N. & Carelli, F. (2010). Professionalism, humanism and medical ethics education for family physicians ... from Iraq to Haiti. The Synapse, (2), 11
Abstract: Although we are in a time of progress and civilization, uncountable natural and man-made disasters are going on all the world. We are unable to avoid terrorism, wars and violence and at times, like the recent Haiti disaster, feel that we are entrapped between national policies and medical ethics. In 1978 the WHO in the Alma-Ata conference identified primary health care as the key to achieving an acceptable level of health throughout the world. Besides the technical education of the family physician, political, ethical, and communicative competencies are very important foe the multi-professional approach of a family physician. A successful humanitarian work depends on historical and ethical consciousness, knowledge of international humanitarian law and a culturally sensitive healthcare provision based on social and communicative competencies.
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