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Title: Hyperhidrosis : 'virtually non-invasive' management
Authors: Apap, Peter
Keywords: Hyperhidrosis -- Treatment
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Apap, P. (2010). Hyperhidrosis : 'virtually non-invasive' management. The Synapse, (4), 31
Abstract: Hyperhidrosis is a disease characterized by perspiration in excess of the physiologic amount necessary to maintain thermal homeostasis. primary or idiopathic hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis are the two main categories. Patients can have excessive sweating either in a localized area (focal) or over the entire body (generalized). Primary disease is usually focal, affecting the soles, palms, and axillae in various combinations and with varying degrees of severity. Secondary hyperhidrosis can be generalized or focal. In secondary hyperhidrosis the symptoms are a consequence of certain medical condition, example diabetes, or the use of certain drugs, example nortriptyline. Hyperhidrosis can have very significant effects on patients lives, causing physical discomfort, social embarrassment and impacting negatively occupational and daily activities. Skin maceration from constant wetness can lead to bacterial and fungal overgrowth and subsequent axillary inertrigo and bromhidrosis (foul-smelling sweat)
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