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Title: The cylindrical bark beetles of Malta (Insecta: Coleoptera: Zopheridae, Colydiinae)
Authors: Schuh, Rudolf
Mifsud, David
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Schuh, R. & Mifsud, D. (2000). The cylindrical bark beetles of Malta (Insecta: Coleoptera: Zopheridae, Colydiinae). Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, 102B, p. 259-267
Abstract: Four species of Colydiinae (Zopheridae) are recorded from Malta of which Langelandia niticosta sp.n. is described as new. Bitoma rufula MOTSCHULSKY, 1863 is transferred to Microprius FAIRMAIRE, 1868. Microprius linearis (WOLLASTON, 1867), Synchitodes rufa REITTER, 1877 and Synchitodes frivaldszkyi REITTER, 1881 are synonymized with Microprius rufulus (MOTSCHULSKY, 1863). Microprius rufulus is recorded from Europe (Germany and Malta) for the first time.
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