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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Variations in soil organic matter content in cultivated and uncultivated calcareous soils from the Mediterranean Island of Malta after 15 years of cultivationSacco, Anthony; Agius, Marcelle; Didier, Clara
2024Transitions in the Malta dairy sectorAttard, George; Meli, Tony
2024Trends in rabbit meat consumption in selected Maltese rural areasAlexander, Francesco Luca; Buttigieg, Noel; Attard, George
2024The effect of pregnancy and lactation on the profiles’ plasticity of steroid hormones and analytes in dairy cowsAttard, George; Bionda, Arianna; Medica, Pietro; La Fauci, Deborah; Amato, Annalisa; Fazio, Esterina; Liotta, Luigi; Lopreiato, Vincenzo
2024Early eco-agrarian adaptations in MaltaDalli, Charles; Meli, Anthony; Attard, George
2024Using olive cake as a sustainable ingredient in diets of lactating dairy cows : effects on nutritional characteristics of cheeseAttard, George; Litrenta, Federica; Bionda, Arianna; Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Di Bella, Giuseppa; Potortì, Angela Giorgia; Lo Turco, Vincenzo; Liotta, Luigi
2024Effects of supplementing Pistachio skins in the diet on growth performance and the fatty acid profile of Biceps femoris and Longissimus lumborum muscles in rabbitsAttard, George; Liotta, Luigi; Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Chiofalo, Vincenzo; Di Rosa, Ambra Rita
2023Biological constraints and on-farm limitations affecting meat rabbit productivity in MaltaAlexander, Francesco Luca; Attard, George
2022The effect of poultry, cattle and swine manure applications to soil on lettuce yield and quality and ground water contamination potentialVella, Andrew; Sacco, Anthony
2024Estimating the electrical conductivity of a saturated soil paste extract (ECe) from 1 : 1 (EC1 : 1), 1 : 2 (EC1 : 2) and 1 : 5 (EC1 : 5) soil : water suspension ratios, in calcareous soils from the Mediterranean Islands of MaltaSpiteri, Kyle; Sacco, Anthony
2022Estimates of soil erosion rates in a principal watershed in Gozo, Malta under current and future climatic conditionsGaldies, Charles; Azzopardi, Diane; Sacco, Anthony
2023Broadband measurements of soil complex permittivityStellini, Justin; Farrugia, Lourdes; Farhat, Iman; Bonello, Julian; Persico, Raffaele; Sacco, Anthony; Spiteri, Kyle; Sammut, Charles V.
2018A single mutation is sufficient to modify the metal selectivity and specificity of a eukaryotic manganese superoxide dismutase to encompass ironHunter, Thérèse; Bonetta, Rosalin; Sacco, Anthony; Vella, Marita; Sultana, Paul-Michael; Trinh, Chi H.; Fadia, Hava B. R.; Borowski, Tomasz; Garcia-FandiÇo, Rebeca; Stockner, Thomas; Hunter, Gary J.
2019Energy efficiency in the agro-industryCavaleri, Felicia; Albanese, Alessandro; Attard, George; Campiotti, Alessandro; Sirica, Emanuela; Latini, Arianna
2023Residual feed intake is related with metabolic and inflammatory response during the pre-weaning period in Italian Simmental calvesFerronato, Giulia; Cattaneo, Luca; Amato, Annalisa; Minuti, Andrea; Loor, Juan J.; Trevisi, Erminio; Cavallo, Carmelo; Attard, George; Liotta, Luigi; Lopreiato, Vincenzo
2006A taste of carobAttard, Everaldo
2023Potential bioenergy and biofertiliser production from livestock waste in Mediterranean Islands within circular bioeconomyAttard, George; Azzopardi, Noel; Comparetti, Antonio; Greco, Carlo; Gruppetta, Anthony; Orlando, Santo
2023Development of an investment decision tool for biogas production from biowaste in Mediterranean IslandsAsciuto, Antonio; Agosta, Martina; Attard, George; Comparetti, Antonio; Greco, Carlo; Mammano, Michele Massimo
2023Effects of dietary enrichment with olive cake on the thyroid and adrenocortical responses in growing beef calvesFazio, Esterina; Bionda, Arianna; Chiofalo, Vincenzo; La Fauci, Deborah; Randazzo, Cinzia; Pino, Alessandra; Crepaldi, Paola; Attard, George; Liotta, Luigi; Lopreiato, Vincenzo
2023The ancient olive trees (Olea europaea L.) of the Maltese Islands : a rich and unexplored patrimony to enhance oliviculturePasseri, Valentina; Sammut, Clayton; Mifsud, David; Domesi, Andrea; Stanzione, Vitale; Baldoni, Luciana; Mousavi, Soraya; Mariotti, Roberto; Pandolfi, Saverio; Cinosi, Nicola; Famiani, Franco; Bufacchi, Marina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 297