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Title: Present knowledge of the Entomofauna of the Maltese Islands
Authors: Mifsud, David
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Insects -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Mifsud, D. (2000). Present knowledge of the Entomofauna of the Maltese Islands. Entomologica Basiliensia, Vol. 22, p. 75-86
Abstract: The Maltese Islands' strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean basin and in between the Siculo Tunisian sill, always encouraged a number of foreign naturalists to visit and study their local entomofauna. A number of Maltese naturalists also contributed to such investigations. All this activity yielded a substantial amount of literature, sometimes with descriptions of possibly endemic species. Unfortunately, some of these earlier published works and those found in Maltese journals, are not easily accessible. A brief general account of the entomofauna inhabiting the Maltese Islands is provided, citing general works in which earlier citations may be found and where possible indicating lack of research on certain insect groups.
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