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Title: First Maltese record of Stephanopachys quadricollis (Marseul, 1879) (Coleoptera, Bostrichidae)
Authors: Mifsud, David
Nardi, Gianluca
Keywords: Insects -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Mifsud, David & Nardi, Gianluca (2016). First Maltese record of Stephanopachys quadricollis (Marseul, 1879) (Coleoptera, Bostrichidae). ZooKeys, Vol. 606, p. 65–75.
Abstract: Three specimens of Stephanopachys quadricollis (Marseul, 1878) were recently found in Malta in UV light traps and represent the first record of this species for this country. Although S. quadricollis is native to the Mediterranean basin, it is not yet clear if these Maltese records are due to a natural population or to an interception. Distributional, nomenclatural and biological data on this species are summarized, and a new synonymy is established: Stephanopachys quadricollis (Marseul, 1879) = Stephanopachys quadraticollis Kocher, 1956, syn. n.
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