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Title: The Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) of the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)
Authors: Mifsud, David
Scupola, Antonio
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Insects -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Mifsud, D., & Scupola, A. (1998). The Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) of the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean). Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale ‘‘G. Doria, Vol. 9, 191-229.
Abstract: The tenebrionid fauna of the Maltese Islands was reviewed, based on published records and material collected, for the most part, in recent years. Of the previously recorded tenebrionids, 36 are supported by material collected during this study and 2 other species are supported by material collected at the beginning of this century. Eight species refer to probably correct identifications but no specimens were available. The validity of one possibly endemic species (Opatrum melitense), the type material of which was probably destroyed, could not be verified. Stenosis elongata most probable refers to a wrong citation and has been removed from the local tenebrionid fauna. One species, thought to be endemic, Blaps foveicollis, was synonymised with Blaps mucronata and two species, Tentyria bipunctata nee Solier and Pimelia quadripunctata, are considered as nomina nuda. Recorded tenebrionids that refer to other citations are discussed as they occur throughout the text. The collected material also included 9 previously unrecorded species. This revision of the Maltese tenebrionid fauna contains 56 species. The zoogeographical aspects of the tenebrionid fauna of the Maltese Islands also indicates that it is closely related to that found in Sicily.
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