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Title: A method to aid the detection of slight splenomegaly : comparison with other recommended methods
Authors: Vassallo, Luis A.
Keywords: Spleen
Spleen -- Diseases -- Diagnosis
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: The St. Luke`s Hospital Gazette
Citation: Vassallo, L.A. (1968). A method to aid the detection of slight splenomegaly : comparison with other recommended methods. The St. Luke`s Hospital Gazette, 3(2), 115-119.
Abstract: The scope of this article is twofold. The first scope is to describe a simple and efficacious new manoeuvre aiding the detection of slight splenomegaly in "difficult" patients. The second is to draw the general reader's attention to the large number of variations in methods of abdominal relaxation and examination for the spleen favoured by various authorities on the subject. The vast majority of doctors have been taught only a few of the methods advocated in examination of the abdomen and in particular, the spleen. It may be easy therefore and unjustified for dogmatism to arise on the subject of methodology, though some methods may be better than others. The final point one wishes to emphasize here is that if one method has been unsuccessful in detecting splenomegaly, then other methods may be of profit.
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