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Title: Free our genes : a liberal relief
Other Titles: Editorial [The Synapse, 14(3)] 
Authors: Ellul, Ian C.
Keywords: Genomics
Human genome
Disease susceptibility
Genetic disorders
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Ellul, Ian, C. (2015). Free our genes : a liberal relief. The Synapse, 14(3), 3
Abstract: Did you know that it is possible to sequence your human genome for $1,000? HiSeq X Ten, a new $10 million gene-sequencing machine developed by Illumina, can carry out more than 2 genome sequences an hour, each one sequenced 30 times for accuracy. If one were to compare, mapping the first human genome took over a decade and cost $3 billion. Illumina explained that the cheap price of $1,000 is caused by the projected volume, i.e. 18,000 sequences/year. The price consists of $797 for the reagents used during the process, machine depreciation of $137 and employee overheads of $65. The author writes that we seem to be drawing nearer to start sequencing human genomes in numbers large enough which will allow a direct comparison between them, leading to a translation into personalized medicines. The raison d’etre is that most diseases are the result of many genes, each contributing a small amount to disease development.
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The Synapse, Volume 14, Issue 3

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