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Title: 'Food allergy / intolerance testing' in dermatology : science or hype?
Authors: Mercieca, Liam
Scerri, Lawrence
Keywords: Food allergy -- Symptoms
Food intolerance -- Diagnosis
Skin -- Diseases
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Malta College of Pharmacy Practice
Citation: Mercieca, L., & Scerri, L. (2016). “Food allergy/intolerance testing” in dermatology : science or hype? Journal of the Malta College of Pharmacy Practice, 22, 4-7.
Abstract: Food allergies are becoming an increasingly recognized clinical problem and patients frequently ask if their health complaints are related to their diet. There has been a recent phenomenon of food allergy or intolerance testing leading to dietary alterations and restrictions. This article gives a brief overview of the latest evidence and current guidelines for proper diagnosis and management. A distinction between food allergies and food intolerance or sensitivity should be made. It focuses on the association of the common skin conditions: eczema, acne and urticaria, to food and whether dietary changes are indicated. The currently available tests and their appropriateness are also discussed.
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