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Title: A note on an old mandible
Authors: Boffa, Charles J.
Keywords: Mandible
Dental anthropology
Issue Date: 1970
Publisher: The St. Luke`s Hospital Gazette
Citation: Boffa, C.J. (1970). A note on an old mandible. The St. Luke`s Hospital Gazette, 5(2), 156-158
Abstract: Part of a very old human mandible was brought to the author`s attention. He was informed that it had been found with other bones "in a sort of small chamber" (probably an ancient rock tomb) while a shelter was being dug during the Second World War. It shows certain interesting characteristics, whereby a description of its salient features is provided. When the bones happen to be fairly quickly covered up by layers of sediment and in some way sealed off and protected from the destructive effects of weathering or from the depredations of carrion eaters, they may remain preserved for thousands of years. It was estimated by means of modern tests, that the mandible is approximately 1500 years old.
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TSLHG, Volume 5, Issue 2

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