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Title: The snail-killing fly Pherbellia cinerella (Fallen) in Malta
Authors: Ebejer, Martin J.
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Flies -- Malta
Pherbellia -- Malta
Sciomyzidae -- Malta
Issue Date: 1995-03
Publisher: The Central Mediterranean Naturalist
Citation: Ebejer, M. J. (1995). The snail-killing fly Pherbellia cinerella (Fallen) in Malta. The Central Mediterranean Naturalist, 2(3), 79-80.
Abstract: The Sciomyzidae is a family of flies whose larvae are predatory on terrestrial and aquatic molluscs. There are 142 species known from the Western Palaearctic and the Mediterranean region. Pherbellia Robineau-Desvoidy is the genus with the highest number of species and P. cinerella (Fallen) is the commonest and most widespread species in the Palaearctic. It is here recorded for the first time from Malta and so far it is the only representative of the family locally. Identification was based on Knutson et al (1965).
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CMN, Volume 2, Part 3

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