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Title: Additions to, and a review of, the Miocene shark and ray fauna of Malta
Authors: Ward, David J.
Galea Bonavia, Charles
Keywords: Sharks, Fossil -- Malta
Paleontology -- Miocene -- Malta
Teeth, Fossil -- Malta
Issue Date: 2001-12
Publisher: The Central Mediterranean Naturalist
Citation: Ward, D. J., & Galea Bonavia, C. (2001). Additions to, and a review of, the Miocene shark and ray fauna of Malta. The Central Mediterranean Naturalist, 3(3), 131-146.
Abstract: Bulk sampling sediments and surface picking have increased the number of fossil sharks and rays from the Miocene of the Maltese Islands by 10 species and confirmed another. These are: Sphyrna arambourgi, Rhizoprionodon taxandriae, Scyliorhinus sp, Chaenogaleus afjinis, Galeorhinus goncalvesi, Triakis angustidens, Squatina sp., Rhynchobatus pristinus, Raja gentili and Gymnura sp. Hexanchus griseus was confirmed. The species "Galeocerdo" aduncus is synonymised with "G" contortus, and referred to the genus Physogaleus. These new records, and a taxonomic revision of the species described previously, increased the Maltese fauna to 24 species, comparable with the Miocene of France and Portugal. This paper is not meant to be an exhaustive review of the fossil selachian and batid fauna of the Maltese Islands but rather for the present we have confined ourselves to revising Menesini (1974).
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CMN, Volume 3, Part 3

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