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Title: Dermatology and surgery
Authors: Parnis, R. O.
Keywords: Acne -- Treatment
Acne -- Malta -- Case studies
Xanthoma -- Malta -- Case studies
Skin -- Surgery
Issue Date: 1974
Publisher: The St. Luke`s Hospital Gazette
Citation: Parnis, R.O. (1974). Dermatology and surgery. The St. Luke`s Hospital Gazette, 9(2), 114-115.
Abstract: Two case studies of two dermatological patients are described. The first patient, suffering from acne conglobata, is an unusually severe form of acne, very rare, the hallmarks of which are deep abscesses and draining sinuses. This severe disease occurs mainly in males around 16 years old and it may last even to the forties, especially on the back. The second patient was a 25 year old man, who had yellowish patches over elbows and knees and big yellow pedunculated tumours hanging from each buttock. We are dealing here with one of the lipoidoses, conditions associated with a disturbance of lipoid metabolism. The form this patient exhibited, xanthoma tuberosum, affects young adults of either sex. The relative treatments of the respective skin diseases are outlined, consisting mainly of surgical interventions.
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TSLHG, Volume 9, Issue 2

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