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Title: Ancient Schwannoma of the hard palate : an uncommon case report and review
Authors: Gainza-Cirauqui, Maria Luisa
Eguia-Del Valle, Asier
Martinez-Conde, Rafael
Coca-Meneses, Juan Carlos
Aguirre-Urizar, Jose Manuel
Keywords: Odontogenic tumors -- Histopathology
Schwann Cells
Palate, Hard
Palate -- Tumors
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Gainza Cirauqui, M.L., Eguía Del Valle, A., Martínez-Conde Llamosas, R., Coca Meneses, J.C., & Aguirre Urízar, J.M. (2013). Ancient Schwannoma of the hard palate: an uncommon case report and review. J Clin Exp Dent., 5(1), 62-65.
Abstract: Schwannoma or neurilemmoma is an infrequent benign tumor in the oral cavity that originates from the Schwann cells on the neural sheath of the peripheral nerves. Schwannomas are frequently located in the soft tissues of head and neck region, but only a 1 to 12% of them are located in the oral cavity. Some histological variants of schwannoma have been described including the cellular, plexiform, epithelioid, ancient, and melanocytic types. The “ancient schwannoma” is an uncommon variant of this tumor that shows specific histological characteristics, and is rare in the oral cavity with less than 15 cases described on the literature. Most of them were located in the tongue or in the floor of the mouth, being the hard palate an extremely rare localization. We present a new clinical case of an ancient schwannoma with a long time of evolution, arising from the nasopalatine nerve, and located in the hard palate of a 35 year old female. We also review the main clinical and histological characteristics of this pathology.
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