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Title: An investigation of the use of augmented reality in the presentation of comics
Authors: Mercieca, Daniel
Keywords: Augmented reality
Comic books, strips, etc.
Graphic novels
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This research aims to investigate how augmented reality (AR) technology can enable practitioners of comics to maintain the use of the visual language of comics across both the physical and virtual canvas in order to create innovative and immersive narrative experiences. AR technology allows the seeing of virtual content layered on top of a real-time video feed of the real world by using an AR enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. Comics and AR technology have only recently been used in combination. In artistic works where this does take place, the researcher argues that comics and AR are still treated as separate media with AR components of an artwork being ‘bonus content’, with negative repercussions to the overall storytelling experience. This work seeks to investigate an approach to storytelling that takes full advantage of the affordances of both media by applying semiotic, narrative and cognitive theory to define a storytelling approach which uniquely typifies the medium of augmented comics. The focus is on the practice of using AR as a vehicle for communicating primary texts, as opposed to the current trend of its use as a delivery medium for optional secondary and tertiary texts. It is concluded that this can be achieved by using AR solely for communicating narratives, using the visual language of comics in AR content and communicating clearly using appropriate signs where AR content can be activated. A demonstration is presented as to how this can be done by means of a series of augmented comic prototypes and artworks. These augmented comics were reviewed by questionnaire participants as well as comics researcher Dr. Neil Cohn, who gave a positive reception to this storytelling approach.
Description: M.A.DIG.ARTS
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