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Title: Time and presence
Authors: Shtohryn, Zhanna Evgletta
Keywords: Phenomenology
Time perception
Video art
Performance art
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This practice based research investigates time and presence and the limits of now. Main interest of the research lies in exploring the limits of the present moment and the fluidity of it. The research is centred around the investigation of the non-industrial time – time as a duration between the events and moments. The aim of the thesis is to explore the inner velocity of personal time and the factors that influence its perception. Other aims cover various aspects of the discussion on time. One of them is – whether time can be divided into past present and future or whether such divisions are mainly constructs as the events which are experienced as present slip slowly into the past and the future events, although anticipated, will only be experienced once they are in the present. Another question which is being researched is whether the limits of the present moment can be identical to the limits of our attention during the moment or our awareness of the present moment itself. Next research question are concerned with the experience of time and the activity that one executes – how an execution of a long durational activity can influence the perception of time. The project, which is a combination of video art and performance art, also investigates the difference between human time span juxtaposed with the planet time, while exploring natural materials (like ice and wax) as durational clocks which dictate the span of activity performed.
Description: M.A.DIG.ARTS
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