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Title: 'Exposing the rabbit hole' : a contemporary dance art film
Authors: Curmi, Caroline
Keywords: Art in motion pictures
Dance in motion pictures, television, etc.
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Exposing the Rabbit Hole is a multi-disciplinary project bringing together various art practises in the form of film, dance, storytelling, design and digital arts and channelling them all into a single audio-visual production. This study questions the boundaries of all art forms involved in order to first inform then direct the artist through an artistic journey leading towards the development of a directorial vision relevant to contemporary practises. The dissertation focuses extensively on the pre-production phase of Exposing the Rabbit Hole. This includes experimentations with elements of storytelling, studies of costume designs in relation to character descriptions and ultimately in maintaining a healthy balance between original and adaptive practises in relation to Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Through the implementation of focus groups within this study, factors such as personal taste, perception, and by extension social conventions in relation to art are analyzed with the aim of rendering the project valid in a society so invested in displaying a dispensable attitude towards most things. Exposing the Rabbit Hole ultimately serves the purpose of acting as a solid starting ground for future studies due to the expansive artistic range generated in this project through the exploration of several areas within the arts, both as separate and whole entities.
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