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Title: The Great Siege of Malta from a Turkish point of view
Authors: Galea, Joseph
Keywords: Siege, 1565 -- Sources
Malta -- History -- Siege, 1565 -- Sources
Malta -- History -- Knights of Malta, 1530-1798
Turkey -- History -- Ottoman Empire, 1288-1918 -- Sources
Issue Date: 1965
Publisher: Malta Historical Society
Citation: Galea, J. (1965). The Great Siege of Malta from a Turkish point of view. Melita Historica, 4(2), 111-116
Abstract: The Great Siege of Malta was one of the few events that influenced the course of history. It saved Italy from Moslem invasion and defended Europe against Turkish hegemony. The Great Siege was celebrated in prose and verse; innumerable books have been written about it, but almost all of them express the "Christian" point of view, because there is hardly any publication about the Siege originating from Turkish sources. Hence the current view is more or less one-sided, not to say biased. It is therefore not without interest to read the story of the Siege as related by Richard Knolles in his book "On the history of the Turkes". In the course of Knolle's narration, the reader often discovers events, aspects, comments and reflections which are absent from "our" histories and are evidently derived from "enemy" versions and therefore express the Turkish point of view.
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