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Title: Control of cardiovascular diseases in the Maltese community
Authors: Cacciottolo, Joseph M.
Keywords: Cardiovascular system -- Diseases -- Malta
Cardiovascular system -- Diseases -- Mortality -- Malta
Public health -- Malta
Heart -- Diseases -- Malta
Heart -- Diseases -- Prevention
Issue Date: 1990
Abstract: Cardiovascular diseases are the principal cause of death and ill-health among the community in Malta. Although mortality statistics have been easily available for many years, information about risk-factors associated with these diseases has been lacking. Such information and the analysis thereof is essential if one is to study the natural history of cardiovascular diseases in a particular community. In practical terms, modifiable risk-factors are a reflection of life-style characteristics and their appreciation is essential if one is to plan improvements and widen the scope of health care delivery. A major portion of the information presented in this study describes and analyses known biological factors that place the Maltese community at an increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease. The study is structured in a manner as to serve its principal purpose; that of a scientific proposition at doctoral level. However, in addition, the scope of this study is a practical one. The description and systematic analysis of certain risk factors at a point in time may be utilised as a basis for future studies not only in order to observe trends over time, but also to study associations between these trends and such factors as quality, reach and spread of medical care, health education and impact of social policies. This dissertation has not been designed as a plan-for-action, although it could serve as the scientific basis for one; in this sense it is a bridge between human biology and public health. Where this study to be used as a basis for a plan aimed at prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases, certain of the issues discussed will have to be considered in more detail. Areas of specific economic, political and fiscal nature would have to be addressed and debated among a wide spectrum of health related and non-health related professional and lay people. Through conclusions drawn and recommendations made, what in essence is being advocated are behavioural and life-style changes within the Maltese community, aimed not only at controlling disease, but also at preserving health into old age.
Description: PH.D.
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