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Title: Art as a political choreography through social media : an investigation of social media as a tool and space for art to drive social narratives
Authors: Mizzi, Paul
Keywords: Art and society
Information society
Art, Modern -- 21st century
Online social networks
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This practice-based research investigates how an artistic intervention could trigger the remaking of the experience of the community through social media tools. This would be a role of political choreography in which art becomes intrinsically connected to life. Art and the experiencing of art, could be, in principle “used to radically overhaul our very ill social organism” (Krause, 2011) and mediate between social alienation and social activism. This research was held within the contemporary art context by studying the implications of social practices in the contemporary social media spaces with reference to the scholarly fields of philosophy and sociology. The project highlights the bearing that such an artistic intervention would have on the consumption of interaction amongst people. This is addressed through an investigation of social media activism and social media art projects with special reference to Cypriot activist Mihalis Eleftheriou and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Critical readings brought together theories about activism, culture, politics, space and leadership within the writings by Paolo Gerbaudo, Clay Shirky, Evgeny Morozov, Anthony Giddens, Karl Marx, Giorgio Agamben, Pierre Clastres, Elias Canetti, Elizabeth Grosz and Michael Foucault, amongst others. These contributed to a thorough investigation of social media as a tool and space for art to drive social narratives that promote new forms of participatory and interactive collective activism. The research conducted will be presented within a joint exhibition with fellow Masters’ students of Fine Arts in Digital Arts for viewing, discussion and assessment.
Description: M.A.FADA
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