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Title: Analytical modeling of an electrostatically actuated torsional micromirror
Authors: Gauci, Jordan Lee
Grech, Ivan
Casha, Owen
Farrugia, Russell
Gatt, Edward
Micallef, Joseph
Keywords: Microelectromechanical systems
Finite element method
Optical rotation
Damping (Mechanics)
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Citation: Gauci, J. L., Grech, I., Casha, O., Farrugia, R., Gatt, E., & Micallef, J. (2016). Analytical modeling of an electrostatically actuated torsional micromirror. 18th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON), Lemesos. 1-6.
Abstract: This paper presents an analytical model for an electrostatically actuated torsional micromirror having both a yoke layer, and a mirror layer. In particular, a relationship between the actuation voltage and the angle of rotation of the micromirror was derived from first principles. This model was then verified by means of finite element analysis and it was noted that there is a good agreement between the analytical and the simulated results. This model was used to study the behaviour of a micromirror designed using a semi-custom fabrication process featuring dimensions of 10 μm× 10 μm and an angle of rotation of 20°. In addition, a mathematical model representing the complete second-order system including damping as well as electrostatic actuation is also presented and verified on Matlab.
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